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Thank you for calling our attention to yet another paper zoinked for inconvenient truths.

Based on Steve Kirsch’s team’s calculations (achieved 12 different ways), the death-to-“saved” ratio is actually far worse than presented in this paper.

As Steve says in his Pennsylvania State Senate COVID-19 Panel testimony (https://rumble.com/vwtuqv-steve-kirsch-breaks-down-the-math-showing-the-upside-down-riskbenefit-analy.html):

“So you killed 150,000 in order to maybe save 10,000 lives.”

It’s even worse for kids, which Toby Rogers calculated as 117 killed to every 1 supposedly saved:



But these are “safe and effective,” “safe and effective,” “safe and effective,” and it’s totally worth it! 🙄

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So funny (not funny), when for every 1000 deaths prevented by early treatment with repurposed cheap available medicines and nutritional supplements, there are zero deaths caused.

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Quick, everybody huff on this asbestos dust. It helps protect your lungs against extreme heat incase you are ever caught in a house fire!

1 year later.

Look and see, millions upon millions have inhaled these fibres and the adverse effects are "extremely rare" and "highly effective" at protecting your lungs from potential thermal damage. This severe risk is absolutely life threatening!

...15 years later *cough

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Where is the evidence, as opposed to computer-generated statistical surmise, that the covaxes ever saved any lives? There is, however, plenty of proof that they've maimed and killed millions. Could that have been their purpose from the git-go? (You may read that as a rhetorical question.)

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Apr 23, 2022·edited Apr 23, 2022


There are NO data proving any death prevention.

Since c19 now is milder than the seasonal flu, how could anyone even claim that? In fact, the pimps themselves never claimed that. Look at their official documentations.

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But, coming up short makes the most amount of money! You are so anti-capitalist!

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