The only up-side of all this insanity, is that more and more people are starting to realize that this is how ALL children's vaccines are approved. About bloody time. https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/crooks-who-approved-covid-vaxx-approved

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If people read the books on vaccines and how history has been rewritten by our sleazy pharmastitutes they would see it's all smoke and mirrors. No vaccine helps us evolve, only staying healthy. Reading The Real Anthony Fauci has made me so angry at our government. My son is 30 and was not vaccinated, never missed a day at school, never had antibiotics, and as you said, EVERY fiber of my being, EVERY cell in my body said 'no vaccine, no circumcision.'

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Thanks for writing Jennifer! My doc just tried to give me a Hep B vaccine too, and I told her I had no intention of ever getting another vaccine so long as I live! Like your infant daughter, my chances of avoiding that disease are quite good!

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Jun 18, 2022·edited Jun 18, 2022

Good day all,

Thank you Jennifer, because of your substack I found Tobey Rogers and

To date I have mailed via ProsecuteNow.com, and to email lists thatTobey Rogers has provided. Here is a link to his site: tobyrogers.substack.com. Also from several other blogs to the FDA and CDC. ProsecuteNow.com provide extended list of important people to contact. But by far Tobey Rogers provides all the players he can find and their email address. I appreciate that because I wouldn't write to these folks without his help. I also appreciate that Jennifer encouraged me to write. We all need encouragement to go up against these people.

As Jennifer points out, the EUA process for Moderna and Pfizer is just a rubber stamp operation by CDC and FDA etal. But writing is not futile. It is important. If you see how patient and sustained the powers that shouldn't be are you will realize the road ahead will take focus and sustained effort to prevail. I provide a link to both tobyrogers.substack.com and ProsecuteNow.com. Tobey does a much deeper dive into the stats. There is a group on substack that have degrees in statistics. They comb the data. One of their concerns is so called bridging of the raw data between children and adults. Why because the data for children shows no benefit for the child.

Best to read Tobey. Then there is Bailiwick News https://bailiwicknews.substack.com which states in her words: American Domestic Bioterrorism Program; Building the case to prosecute members of Congress, presidents, HHS secretaries and federal judges for treason under 18 USC 2381. She maps the legal decisions that reach back into the beginning of the last century. We will need energy and sustained effort to overcome these guys. They have been busy for over 70 years.

Below is the letter I compiled with Toby's data and sent with his email list (thanks Tobey).


Tracking # l4i-rmhf-5vob for https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/CDC-2022-0079-0001/receipt

Tracking # l4i-rtmj-2x0h https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/CDC-2022-0062-0001/receipt

Please REJECT the Moderna and Pfizer EUA applications to inject mRNA into little kids

What follows is copied from Toby Rogers PhD, with permission. I fully support his position and it shares my heart felt concern about fast tracking the EUA to vaccinate children . The world desperately needs control groups that are not vaccinated. There is no other way to understand the nature and robustness of our immune systems otherwise. Children 0 to 17 show very low death rates from Covid. This fast track needs to slow down. There needs to be time for outside qualified people to access the recommendation for gene therapy to this age group. The FDA has taken about a year to assess the data from Moderna and Pfizer. The very same initial raw data needs to be evaluated from scratch to verify the results. The evaluation needs with fresh eyes.


William Stahl


1. There is no Covid emergency for children under five years old.

Children have a 99.997% recovery rate and a body of medical literature indicates that almost zero healthy children under five years old have died from Covid.

• A large study conducted in Germany showed zero deaths for children under 5 and a case fatality rate of three out of a million in children without comorbidities.

•A Johns Hopkins study monitoring 48,000 children diagnosed with Covid showed a zero mortality rate in children under 18 without comorbidities.

•A study in Nature demonstrated that children under 18 with no comorbidities have virtually no risk of death.

2. The data in connection with the Moderna and Pfizer EUA applications in kids is abysmal

• The Pfizer clinical trial in kids 6 months to four years old failed in December 2021 and failed again in February 2022. Adding a third dose did not solve the underlying problems with this shot in this age group.

• Against the Omicron variant, after one month, the Pfizer shot was only 12% effective in kids 5 to 11, after 6 weeks vaccine effectiveness was a shocking MINUS 41% (vaccinated kids were significantly more likely to catch Covid than the unvaccinated). Recommending a vaccine with negative efficacy is insanity.

• Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have all suspended the use of the Moderna shot in young people because it leads to myocarditis. The FDA risk benefit assessment cited 26 studies showing that mRNA shots in general, and Moderna in particular, increase the risk of myocarditis.

3. The harms from mRNA shots in children are catastrophic.

There are now 49,283 VAERS reports of adverse events in children following Covid shots including 114 reports of death, 457 reports of permanent disability, and 1,326 reports of myocarditis. These reports likely understate harms by a factor of 41 to 100.

You have a professional and moral obligation to reject the Moderna and Pfizer EUA applications to inject mRNA into little kids.

Link to above data - https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/breaking-news-cdc-launches-sneak?utm_source=%2Finbox&utm_medium=reader2

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