My credulity is stretched far beyond what I can take as credible. This post by Jennifer Margulis also points to a serious concern I have. WHO wants all 194 member nations to grant it total control over the way nations respond to any pandemic. That is our national government would merely be a soldier in the WHO’s direction of pandemic treatment.

In the US the media, pharma and CDC etc. fail to follow the precautionary principle. UK is in lockstep with the US in this regard. Had the precautionary principle been followed Jack Hurn would still be alive. What does this have to do with the WHO and the proposed new pandemic treaty?

First a few links:

PRESS CONFERENCE: Democracy at Threat by WHO's Centralization of Power


Stop Global Tyranny


From Children’s Health Defense and link above: Representatives of 194 nations, including the U.S., will soon decide whether to grant the WHO the authority to manage future pandemics globally, including the power to sanction countries that don’t comply.

If USA adopts the WHO International Health Regulations there is no recourse to our local and national legal systems and courts. The WHO is not a body of elected representatives. Thus they are not accountable to the citizens of the USA or citizens of the 194 member countries. Please view the links for additional info and what you can do to stop this loss of local control.

We as human beings need to maintain the right of autonomy of our bodies. We are the sole sovereign of our bodies and have final say over anything put into it, or done to it. If the WHO truly had the health and welfare of the citizens of the world as it’s primary interest and goal then this principal would be enshrined in International Health Regulations as the primary, paramount guiding principal. As such the WHO would graciously defer to the sovereignty of each of it’s 194 member nations and all citizens of the world

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Thank you for reporting the truth. It’s time to stop the deception. I wish I had faith that it would stop but many are still pushing these shots like they are holy water

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Many of the news articles say that he died from a catastrophic reaction 'after being given outdated advice'. Surely he died after being given the AZ jab? I sincerely doubt that the changed advice, [presumably to say the risks of clots were now 1:50,000 not the 1:250,000] would have made him hesitate. I have heard of many people having quite severe adverse reactions, then still getting covid, but adamant they are glad they got the jab! The fear of getting very sick or dying has been sold brilliantly well.

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There are no words. The corruption and greed - the coverups and denial. Thank you for putting this into words. I’ve been watching for 2 years as people blindly believe and fearfully adhere to incorrect statements from governments and ‘health leaders’.

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