Thank you, Jennifer. Nice article.

The description of cyclic sighing style of breath reminds me of the breath process Simon Borg-Olivier teaches that I likewise find exceptionally helpful.

And the resistance sounds very much like a form of ujjai breath.

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There you go again! Another great article. I just hooked up w/an ND who is a chemist and he suggested cyclical sighing for me (tho he did not name it, just demonstrated it). So it was interesting to read this and confirm it’s validity.

I’ve been dealing with what we believe to be a combination of long covid and stress/anxiety from some extreme losses over the last year. I had Covid in Oct 2021 (passed out, tested, took ivermectin, recovered quickly; not vaxed-no-way-in-hell 😉) Then was sick in Dec 2022 w/mild bronchial flu. Did not test (no more of that!) In January 2023 symptoms similar to panic attacks started - tight chest, thumping/flittering heart, light headedness, dizzy, shortness of breath/anxiety. After 3 trips to the ER and totally normal vitals, ekg, chest X-ray and troponin levels, I hooked into this ND. I had already looked up symptoms of long Covid. Mine were all there. He put me on supplements for detox, inflammation, castor oil heat packs on the liver and a short term high dose iron supplement. AND he suggested this breathing technique (cyclical sighing) when I start to go into the tunneling and a light head blackout feeling. It helps. A lot. I’m also pursuing chiropractic which is helping.

In the past I’ve done box or square breathing particularly to fall asleep and calm the running tape in my head. Hush! Be still. Take every thot captive. Incorporating prayer and praise has helped tremendously too.

Would love to see you do an article on addressing long Covid symptoms. It’s a bitch.

Appreciate you always, Jennifer.

Julie K.

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Breath work helped me recover from POTS after I had covid. I used WmHoff videos 3-4 times a day.

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There is a breathing technique I find very relaxing, and which clears my lungs and sinuses as well as stretches the spaces between the disks of my lumber vertebrae and eases sciatica. After my workouts at the gym I find an inclined sit-up board where I can secure my feet while doing situps at various levels of incline. When I'm finished with my workout I raise the sit-up board to level 8, which has me above 45 degree angle with the floor. While thus inclined I inhale for 4 seconds through my nose, hold it for 7 seconds, then exhale through my mouth for 8 seconds. I repeat for 3 minutes. Then I I breathe through my nose for 4 seconds, exhale through my mouth for 8 seconds (I omit the 7 seconds of breath holding). I do this for 3 minutes. I spend my final three minutes in this inclined position breathing normally, with my one control being to inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth. Does wonders for my lungs, keeps me calm and relaxed, and stretches my spine to the point that my back pain is gone along with my sciatica. I am 69 years old.

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Much appreciate this article - thank you much ...

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Hi Jennifer,

I have done breath work, with one of the early teachers. It helps. But

Meditation works too. There are many types of meditation. Then of course

there is the teacher and the student. So many variables.

What I believe is the real reduction in stress, is a life that has ample

access to nature. A life free of Corporate Greed and pollution. You know

the life the Native Americans led before the Europeans came. Not perfect

by any means but way more fun than we are having now. Also a lot easier

on the Earth.



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I sigh ALLOT

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I have found 'slow breathing' to be helpful.

There are many approaches to it.

I take about 10 seconds to breathe in as slow as possible, then 20 to 40 seconds breathing out.

Here are some videos- https://www.google.com/search?q=slow+breathing+video&rlz=1C1CHZL_enUS757US757&oq=slow+breathing&aqs=chrome.6.69i57j0i512l9.11846j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

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The Presence Process (book) by Michael Brown has to do with integrative breathwork. It was a revelation to learn about how to resolve/integrate unresolved/un-integrated emotions once and for all, the only way out being through and so forth. Even the pandemic narrative can become fuel for integration. I realize that sounds off the deep end. FWIW.

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Thank you, Jennifer. Huberman has some great videos.

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